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Websites - Just A Few Website Design   |   SEO   |   Social Media   |    Email Campaigns   |    for small business is a website company for small business, doing the things small business doesn't have time to do... can colaboratively take care of all the aspects of your web brand for you.

  • Design and Build a contemporay website that works well in all desktops and mobile device browsers
  • Successfully Manage your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization with relavent Keyword Search Factors and Metrics
  • Design and Build Email Campaigns to directly reach your local customers
  • Set-Up , Manage, and Create Content, such as videos, slideshows, photographs for social media outlets Website
Metropolitan Windows

The Twisted Frenchman Restaurant
tTF - the Twisted Frenchman
Joseph Tambellini Restaurant
Joseph Tambellini Restaurant
Gillece Transmissions Website
Gillece Transmissions
Kente Arts Alliance
Kente Arts Alliance
MLEDP has a very successful track record. See what can do for you...

Sales and Corporate Media for Sales, Marketing or any other Purpose... has many years of award winning experience in the film and video industry. Producing large regional and national television commercial campaigns, along with major corporate sales and marketing videos.

RedBird Video Thumbnail link

The Red Bird System video was produced for Cardinal Recources, LLC as an investor presentation and well as for YouTube distribution around the world as a sales and marketing tool. This film also was created in a French translation version for distribution on French YouTube for French speaking countries in Africa, such as Senegal.

Website and Social Media for web, Social Media or whatever you need... has been producing web based media solutions for small business clients for over 15 years. Producing original product content, such as: Testimonials and Slideshows, Royalty Free Music Tracks, embedded in their websites and social media outlets, helping the SEO score.


Videos placed in the companies YouTube Channel created by Embedded in their websites and linked to their FaceBook Page.

Photos, Images, Pictures, Shots, PicsPictures are worth a thousand words, but Professional Photography for a website is Priceless

Small Businesses need the ability to have beautiful professional photographs taken of their storefront, restaurant, products, job sites, employees, whatever the need may be. provides Professional Photography Services to you: photos to beautifully illustrate your website, slideshows within your webpages, or photos made into musical videos for your social content. All helping to highlight your business and all the while provide your company with better Search Metrics.

Beautiful and Professional a few pics from a few companies

  • MetWin SouthHills 2508
  • TreasdaleJob850
  • MetWin SouthHills 2509
  • Metropolitan Whitehall Job 2794
  • TreasdaleJob851
  • Metropolitan Whitehall Job 2955
  • TreasdaleJob852
  • MetropolitanWindows Brownsville 1182

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  • MiaMadreTrattoria 009
  • MiaMadreTrattoria 027
  • MiaMadreTrattoria 063
  • MiaMadreTrattoria 3326
  • MiaMadreTrattoria 3334
  • MiaMadreTrattoria  3295
  • MiaMadreTrattoria  3296
  • MiaMadreTrattoria  3865

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  • BloomersFloral Fall 58
  • BloomersFloral Spring 3609
  • BloomersFloral 003
  • BloomersFloral Wedding 46
  • BloomersFloral 006
  • BloomersFloral Oct  1013
  • BloomersFloral 005
  • BloomersFloral 007
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  • Whitehallboro 017
  • WhitehallBorough Web 035
  • Whitehallboro 018
  • WhitehallBorough Web 133
  • WhitehallBorough Web 528
  • Whitehallboro 012
  • WhitehallBorough Web 424
  • Whitehallboro 014
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Video Slide Shows for the Web photography made into videos that are engaging to watch


SummitCom.netWebsite Design   |   SEO   |   Social Media   |    Email Campaigns   |    for small business      |      412-298-3335      |      Jim Humphrey

  • JimHumphrey_854
  • JimHumphrey_855
  • JimHumphrey_858
  • JimHumphrey_859
  • JimHumphrey_861
  • JimHumphrey_862
  • JimHumphrey_868
  • JimHumphrey_867
  • JimHumphrey_863
  • JimHumphrey_856
  • JimHumphrey_864
  • JimHumphrey_865
  • JimHumphrey_866
  • JimHumphrey_869
  • JimHumphrey_870
  • JimHumphrey_871
  • JimHumphrey_872
  • JimHumphrey_857
  • JimHumphrey_873
  • JimHumphrey_874
  • JimHumphrey_860
  • JimHumphrey_875
  • JimHumphrey_876
  • JimHumphrey_877
  • JimHumphrey_878
  • JimHumphrey_879
  • JimHumphrey_880
  • JimHumphrey_881
  • JimHumphrey_882
  • JimHumphrey_883
  • JimHumphrey_884
  • JimHumphrey_885
  • JimHumphrey_886
  • JimHumphrey_887
  • JimHumphrey_888

A Few of my personal Photos

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